Presentación de la institución

Maria’s Home is a non-profit making Civil Association destined to cater for social, welfare and psycho affective needs of children and adolescents of both sexes ranging form 3 to 15 years old who suffering from any sort of mental disability, whether motor or not, who do not have a family, or if they do, their families are not able to assist them with their needs. In the institution, therefore, aims at acting as that Home those children and adolescents need and deserve to grow up surrounded with love and tenderness to fully develop as individuals, a place of their own where to exercise their legitimate and inalienable rights they have since the very first moment they are conceived: right to grow up, live and fully develop their capacities with dignity. more info...

Children arrive at Maria’s Home by order of the judge of Mar del Plata’s Juvenile Court. That decision is based on the extreme situation the children are exposed to, which could be economic, affective or social in nature. The judge considers the situation to be hazardous for the infant and consequently decides to interfere and find a better place for him or her to permanently live in.

In order to give home to children undergoing such reality, Maria’s Home counts with a competent and qualified professional team highly committed with their vocation. They are specially trained and naturally gifted to handle disability worsened by poverty or even abandonment. These professionals cover extremely important areas such as Direction, Psychology, Pediatric Medicine, Social assistance, Occupational Therapy and Nutrition. Their ultimate goal is to design each child therapeutic treatment in order to work interdisciplinary towards each boarder capacities development.

A solid group of Therapeutic Helpers join the professional team to carry out each child program. Both of them keep permanently in touch through weekly held meetings where a detailed plan of action is developed according to the boarders’ needs and demands, focusing on designing activities (to be carried out either in or outside Maria’s Home) adjusted to the children’s pathologies, capacities, character, background, preferences, etc.

According to their abilities, some of the boarding children attend special schools where their capacities are fostered following an educational pedagogy suitable for each one; others attend day care centers, rehab institutions, labor training schools or, given their condition, stay at Maria’s Home.

Therapeutic Expressive Productive workshops are also delivered at Maria’s Home. They intend to satisfy children achievement expectancy, especially those who, given their disability, stay at Maria’s Home. Likewise, every single aspect of their everyday life is taken care of through an integral and specially designed working plan that fits their abilities.

Maria’s Home looks after its children’s health by means of a high qualified team of Pediatricians who, constituting the Institution’s Medical Area, make special emphasis on prevention. The Psychological Area permanently works side by side with the children, accompanying and comforting them. The Social Area aims at integrating the boarding children’s families into their activities carried out both at Maria’s Home and outside the Institution, fostering the feeling of inclusion the children so much need. In order to achieve the previously mentioned goals, the children need to have a healthy and nutritive diet. Therefore, nutritionists in charge of the Nutrition Area develop a special diet focusing on a healthy diet as a pillar for a hale and hearty growth. 

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